Working with patients to recover and maintain proper tissue compliance in order to achieve both short-term and career-long goals.

Initial Treatment:

A full assessment of both biomechanical structure, pattern identification and Oriental Medicine (OM) pathology will be blended together to arrive at each patients integrated diagnosis and treatment strategy.

Allow for 90 minutes for the initial treatment.

Follow-up treatments:

Each follow-up treatment will examine changes in the tissue, biomechanics, and OM diagnosis to determine the exact modifications needed for the treatment.

Allow for 60 minutes for each follow-up treatment.

Acute injury treatment:

For athletes being seen on a regular basis, an acute injury can be addressed in a coordinated effort with team medical practitioners. Treatment strategy varies according to each set of circumstances.

Season-long Care:

Season-long care is available and can be arranged on an individual or group basis. Contact Luke Laga for more information.

NX Level Sports Performance

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Office of Mark Neidfeldt, MD & Luke Laga, L.Ac

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